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Pro Tools | MTRX Base Unit

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Publication Date:201709

Pro Tools | MTRX Base Unit


Product Details

Developed for Avid by Digital Audio Denmark, the Pro Tools ¦ MTRX is a powerful multi-format I/O for Pro Tools. It can be used as both a Pro Tools HD Interface or an integrated monitor section for Avid Control Surfaces and Pro Tools, for use in the most demanding Immersive Post Production and Music Studios.

Features include modular interface options, Eucon controlled monitor functionality, a massive integrated router and exceptionally high quality analog input, output and Mic Pre card options.

MTRX Base Unit comes with 16 AES I/O, a Coaxial MADI I/O pair, 2 mini DigiLink, Pro¦Mon2 Eucon Monitoring, DADMan Application for remote control and Config from Mac or PC.