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PitchGrabber Mobile

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Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:7.25
Book Width:4.75
Publication Date:201512
Publisher:Peterson Strobe Tuners

PitchGrabber Mobile


Product Details

The PitchGrabber Mobile tuning pickup easily and safely clamps on to virtually any musical instrument and captures the pitch using its piezo pickup sending it directly to your mobile tuning application. The PitchGrabber Mobile uses the headphone/mic input of your mobile device to completely isolate the sound of your instrument and provide a direct input path to your tuning application. Perfect for tuning in noisy environments. Wide jaws clip on to the lead pipe, barrel of a flute, or any round tubing on horns without marring the instrument. An 8-foot (243cm) long, fabric wrapped cord permits free movement while using the PitchGrabber and also allows tangle-free use with larger instruments (like Tuba horns).