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SKU: HL00324402 Nashville Hot Pickin' Guitar

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  • SKU: HL00324402 Nashville Hot Pickin' Guitar

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It's no secret that Nashville, Tennessee is home to some of the top musicians in the world, entertaining audiences non-stop and setting the stage for hopeful artists who are chasing their dreams of stardom. Electric guitarists in particular are some of the most technically proficient musicians in this renowned music scene, executing blistering lead lines, slippery string bending, and foot-tapping rhythms night after night. In this book and the accompanying videos, Nashville veteran Matthew Lee shows everything you need to add to your arsenal of techniques and tricks and play just like the professionals! Lessons covered include: hybrid picking • Nashville Number System • open string licks • double-stop playing • exploring intervals and scales • and more. The price of this book includes access to videos online, for download or streaming, using the unique code inside!
List price: $19.99
Shipping Weight: 0.43 pounds
Book Length: 12.00
Book Width: 9.00
EAN: 9781540072580
Format: Book/Online Video
Guitar Tab: Yes
ISBN: 1540072584
Pages: 64
Publication Date: 2021/07
UPC: 888680984861