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SKU: HL00697345 Lead Licks

Lead Licks
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  • SKU: HL00697345 Lead Licks

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Are you tired of playing the same licks over and over again? Or maybe you just don't know what to play during your solo? Lead Licks is a unique book designed to increase your improvising vocabulary by taking a short phrase, or lick, and morphing it into different styles! This book with online audio examples pack covers rock, blues, jazz, country, and outside styles. It gives you major, minor and dominant 7th licks (12 of each!) plus a special exotic section. You'll have a lick for nearly any musical situation. The audio includes each lick played at full speed and at a slower practice tempo. Written by Greg Koch, Hal Leonard Guitar Method co-author, Fender clinician, and Favored Nations recording artist!
List price: $12.99
Shipping Weight: 0.43 pounds
Book Length: 12.00
Book Width: 9.00
EAN: 9780634048470
Format: Book/Online Audio
Guitar Tab: Yes
Height: 0.133
ISBN: 0634048473
Pages: 48
Publication Date: 2003/01
UPC: 073999973457