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SKU: HL00291974 Hal Leonard Greek Bouzouki Method

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  • SKU: HL00291974 Hal Leonard Greek Bouzouki Method

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The Hal Leonard Bouzouki Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the Greek bouzouki. This easy-to-use guide provides step-by-step lessons with many fun songs and examples to learn and play. Video tutorials and demonstrations by author Greg Herriges are also included! Includes: bouzouki basics; tuning; reading music and tab; single-note melodies; chords and accompaniment; alternate picking; hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides; scales and modes; position playing; tremolo picking; double stops; traditional Greek songs; time signatures in Greek music; video lessons; standard notation and tablature; and more!
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Book Length: 12.00
Book Width: 9.00
EAN: 9781540049537
Format: Book/Online Video
Guitar Tab: Yes
ISBN: 1540049531
Pages: 64
Publication Date: 202305
UPC: 888680928919