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Cort is the manufacturer and supplier of the world’s best guitars and takes responsibilities for its products from start to finish. Fueled by a devotion to design and backed by over 50 years of knowledge and experience, Cort supplies the world’s best instruments to passionate musicians all around the globe. Here at Cort, we promise to never stop striving to offer musicians even better products and processes. From designers and engineers in production to managers and craftsmen, every person at Cort is dedicated to providing guitars made with the best technologies and materials that will be passed on from generation to generation.

The sustainable growth of Cort Guitars over the last 50 years and the development of the guitar industry, can be attributed to Cort’s ceaseless R&D, aimed at overcoming various obstacles in an ever-changing era, and its tireless investment in the professional growth of the company’s executives and staff members. Over the last several decades, Cort Guitars has collaborated with popular brands and musicians around the world. These precious experiences have become the foundation for Cort to manufacture the world's best guitars.

What makes Cort so different from other guitar brands is its cutting-edge production facilities and over 50 years of knowledge and experience. Cort has become the world's best guitar manufacturer as a result of its vast knowledge of the industry that can only be obtained through trial and error and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Here at Cort, we are making every effort to develop the best materials, equipment, and human resources in order to continually improve our already stellar guitar manufacturing capabilities, which stand at the very heart of the company.

The desire to make even better guitars is what has driven us to market our products beside other world-class products in various price categories. Cort offers a variety of products that meet the needs of a broad range of musicians—from beginners to professionals. At Cort, wood is carefully selected and dried and, using the most cutting-edge CNC equipment, undergoes electrostatic and UV painting processes. The instruments are assembled and tuned by craftsmen who are also former musicians. These are just some of the efforts Cort makes to create instruments that will be loved and cherished for lifetimes to come.

Cort Guitars strongly believes in sustainable development and, going into the 21st century, continues to look for ways to manufacture even better instruments. In the future, our undying passion and desire to make the world’s best guitars, coupled with our ceaseless efforts, will lead to more innovative and creative products. We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we strive to make the world’s perfect guitars.