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List price:$87
Shipping Weight:1.57 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:8.00
Book Width:5.00
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Publication Date:2017-07
Publisher:Morley Pedals



Product Details

Route two input signal to two outputs. Each input signal is independent with its own level control. Separate footswitches allow you to turn on or off each output source as needed. Two people can play at the same time through the ABY Mix into 1 or 2 amps! Use to mix down CD and MP3 player to mixer or to control two keyboards. This useful device will come in handy for dozens of reasons. Dual input Level controls, output LED indication, Runs off 1 9V or 9V adapter. Cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and two-year warranty.

Features include:

• Route two input signals to two output sources

• Each input has an independent LEVEL control for best mix of both inputs

• Footswitches let you select or combine outputs as needed

• Unit is active and buffered (One 9-volt battery or 9V adapter is required for operation)

• LEDs show you which signal is active

• Cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door & two-year warranty