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Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian Rhythms for the Bass

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Medium:Softcover with CD
Publisher:The Collective
Book Length:12.00
Book Width:9.00
Format:Book/CD Pack
Publication Date:2011-07

Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian Rhythms for the Bass


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This instructional book with CD covers the rich music derived from a fusion of cultures. West Africa, Europe, and the indigenous Indian cultures of the Caribbean region all took part in creating this music style. Learn to play this distinctive music style on bass guitar. The book has all the essential playing techniques and explores the special relationship of the bass to the many rhythm grooves of these drumming traditions. You'll also get historical references and background, useful information and explanations about the music styles, notated musical examples of each approach, detailed points about “feel,” important performance tips, extensive discographies and bibliographies, biographies of each author, and demonstration performances and play-along tracks on the accompaniment CD.