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Tenor Ukulele Premium Padded Travel Case

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List price:$59.99
Shipping Weight:2.07 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:26.50
Book Width:11.00
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Publication Date:2018-01
Publisher:Hamilton Stands

Tenor Ukulele Premium Padded Travel Case


Product Details

Designed with premium high-density polyethelyne foam, a reinforced neck pad, a ballistic nylon shell, and rubberized protective panels on the bottom, the Journeytek case is engineered for maximum instrument protection. But this is only the beginning of an awesome travel bag. An abundance of daisy chains enables you to clip your ukulele on to any other backpack, and makes it a cinch to clip it directly to other JourneyTek instrument and travel bags – or simply use the adjustable shoulder strap to comfortably carry your uke hands-free. The JourneyTek uke case comes with tons of storage space too! Our patented neck pockets enable you to store your “case candy,” digital accessories, and other essentials by taking advantage of the space on the sides of the instrument neck. The pleated main pocket expands to fit even more gear, and the expandable front mesh pocket gives you even more.