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List price: $265.99
Shipping Weight:1.73 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Series:Live Sound
Publisher-2:Line 6
Book Length:12.50
Book Width:4.75
Publication Date:2013-10
Publisher:Line 6



Product Details

For the professional vocalist, this handheld transmitter puts four superb microphone models right in your hand, including three that are based on the world's most popular live sound mics from Shure and Sennheiser. With the touch of a button on the microphone, you can find the mic model that best fits your unique voice.

Features include: part of the Line 6 XD-V55 system • 12 channels • 4 superb mic models • Line 6 RF1 and RF2 mode • Worldwide, license-free operation in the 2.4GHz band • Premium dynamic cardioid microphone capsule • can be used with XD-V75, XD-V70, XD-V55, XD-V35, XD-V30, Relay G90, Relay G50 and Relay G30 receivers.