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Ultra Light Guitar Capo

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List price: $14.99
Shipping Weight:0.06 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:6.50
Book Width:4.25
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Format:Classical Guitar
Publication Date:201710

Ultra Light Guitar Capo


Product Details

Weighing in at only 1/4 oz. (8g) the new UltraLight model packs next generation composite technology into a simple and elegant design to deliver fast, great-sounding capoing at G7th's lowest price yet. UltraLight is a genuinely pro-level capo at a price that's within easy reach of younger players of the acoustic and electric steel string guitar, classical guitars and ukuleles. Its unique click, twist and play action for fast, buzz-free capoing makes it easy to use. Key design features help retain the true tone of your instrument and keep you in tune, without getting in the way of your fretting hand. The new UltraLight capo is developed from an original design by Anders Sterner with his kind encouragement and comes complete with lifetime warranty.