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StageSource L3s

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List price: $1,679.99
Shipping Weight:104.53 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Series:Live Sound
Publisher-2:Line 6
Book Length:20.75
Book Width:28.75
Publication Date:2013-09
Publisher:Line 6

StageSource L3s


Product Details

StageSource™ L3s combines versatile design with Smart Speaker modes, automatic speaker configuration via L6 LINK™ digital networking and a tour-grade enclosure for the widest variety of live sound applications.

With a precision bass-reflex design, StageSource L3s delivers 1,200 watts of powerful, extended sub-bass and incredible fidelity. Based on an innovative new technology platform, StageSource L3s combines intelligent DSP and multi-function design to provide outstanding performance and easy system integration via L6 LINK™ digital networking.

L6 LINK digital networking takes the complexities out of configuring a multi-speaker rig. In an L6 LINK network, StageSource L3s automatically detects other StageSource speakers and automatically configures its settings accordingly; crossovers and polarity are set, stereo signals are summed, through signals are passed, and more. When connected via L6 LINK, StageSource speakers and the StageScape™ M20d digital mixer are capable of unparalleled power and flexibility. Together they redefine the typical mixer-speaker paradigm and create an intelligent live sound eco-system rather than merely a linear combination of components.

Easily capable of delivering powerful low-end to large audiences, StageSource L3s features a dual 12-inch bass reflex configuration with 1,200 watts of power for maximum headroom and superb low-end definition.


• 1,200-watt bi-amped Subwoofer

• Precision 2x12″ bass-reflex design

• Smart Speaker modes for standard live performance, bass-heavy live performance, pre-recorded music playback and extreme bass in pre-recorded music playback

• Selectable cross-over points

• Digital networking via L6 LINK

• Three threaded pole-mounts

• Dual-braced tour-grade plywood construction

• Multi-function modular architecture for true scalability

• Multiple handling points

• Tilt-and-go portability