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Loudster Portable Floor Power Amplifier

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List price: $384.99
Shipping Weight:2.94 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:5.75
Book Width:9.25
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Publication Date:2018-10

Loudster Portable Floor Power Amplifier


Product Details

The latest addition to Hotone's Nano Legacy Floor Series, the Loudster is a compact, portable floor-based power amplifier ideal for guitar players that rely on effects pedals, amp modelers, and other processors to produce their sound. The Loudster is particularly perfect for traveling/gigging musicians looking to ditch their traditional amp setup, and instead house their entire fly rig on a pedalboard.

Key Features:

• Compact, portable floor power amplifier

• 75 watts of output power for effects pedals, amplifier modelers and other processors

• Single, large volume knob

• Single speaker output for use with 4-16 omega cabinets

• High impedance input

• Lightweight aluminum chassis

• Included 18-20V DC (center positive) power supply