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Gas Station

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List price:$99
Shipping Weight:2.29 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:5.50
Book Width:6.25
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Publication Date:2017-07
Publisher:Morley Pedals

Gas Station


Product Details

Power up to eight 9V effect pedals (up to 250mA per outlet/600mA max current capacity overall). Fault LEDs show if any channel has short or power fault while remaining outlets continue to work. Includes Gas Station power block, regulated master 9V adapter and eight 2 ft power connection cables. Gas Station enclosed in cold rolled steel housing. Available in North American 120V 60 Hz power only. 2 year warranty.

Features include:

• 9-volt regulated multi power supply

• Power up to eight FX pedals, up to 250 mA per outlet

• Center polarity negative

• Each outlet has fault LED to show short or overload – remaining outlets continue to work

• Includes main power adapter and eight 2 ft connector cables

• Compatible with most other FX brands