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Eyebolt Suspension Kit

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List price: $79.99
Shipping Weight:1.00 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Series:Live Sound
Publisher-2:Line 6
Book Length:6.00
Book Width:7.50
Publication Date:201309
Publisher:Line 6

Eyebolt Suspension Kit


Product Details

Securely suspend a StageSource L3t speaker with the M10 eyebolt kit. The kit includes three steel washers and three M10 x 1.5 forged shoulder eyebolts, 50mm in length. These bolts are specifically rated to hold the weight of the StageSource L3 speakers. The cheap alloy bolts at the hardware store might work great to fix your fence at home or hang a bicycle in the garage, but if you plan to use them to hang these speakers, you're going to end up spending a lot more than $100 when the bolts break and your speakers come crashing down from the ceiling. More important, inadequate rigging is dangerous! Line 6 advises you to consult a rigging professional before hanging any speakers.