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ChordBuddy Duck Commander Junior Guitar Pack Jr.

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List price: $169.95
Shipping Weight:4.39 pounds
Medium:General Merchandise
Book Length:32.00
Book Width:13.50
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Publication Date:201604

ChordBuddy Duck Commander Junior Guitar Pack Jr.


Product Details

The popular ChordBuddy Junior pack has a new guitar that features artwork of a jam session with the TV celebrity phenoms from Duck Dynasty. This Duck Commander guitar learning system has a half-sized guitar for beginners of all ages starting with 4 years old. Beginners will easily learn rhythm, timing skills, and gain finger strength and dexterity by using the patented single-lever system with simple, colored buttons. There is instruction to eventually form standard chords so they can hoot 'n' holler with the Robertson Clan. The ChordBuddy Jr. Pack includes a 1/2-size guitar, ChordBuddy Jr. chord device, instructional DVD, songbook and guitar tuner.