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SKU: HL00697221 Basics 1 - The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method

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  • SKU: HL00697221 Basics 1 - The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method

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This first book launches you straight into a hands-on contemporary approach to learning the basics of both guitar and music. The essential visual element of shapes and patterns on the fingerboard unlock the secret to successful and creative playing. You'll learn exciting power chords, strum patterns, riffs, guitar techniques like muting and string bending, and 12 bar blues progression. All presented with contemporary music examples and figures (from rockabilly to hard rock). In addition, you'll gain essential musical knowledge from the basics of notation (including tablature and grids), rhythm and meter and intervals transposition. Special Playing Tips and Music Builders sections further enhance your guitar and music chops. 41-minute audio Chapters Include: * Two- and three-note power chords * Single note playing riffs over chords in all styles * 12-Bar blues used in most styles of popular music * Riff-building over 12-bar blues * Building scale riffs and motifs over open chord forms
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Book Length: 12.00
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EAN: 9780793516070
Format: Book/CD Pack
Guitar Tab: No
Height: 0.211
ISBN: 0793516072
Pages: 64
Publication Date: 1993/02
UPC: 073999972214